CNQ short at 79 or 80

I thought AA, started earnings season–Looks like Wallstreet ( who hates Mainstreet, and vice -versa) has a few surprises in store–They think they can fool me by changing the order of the earnings reports around a little bit! It might work, we’ll see!
earn 4-12
A MON miss on WED, BMO, and there goes ADM,DE,CAT, down too, most likely, which could then trigger other Agri business stocks, MOO to go down, That could spill over into commodities. If MON is up, pre-market WED, then it’s probably market neutral.

Talk about 81-86 against me on this trade–both 81 and 86 are viable Long exits–Just sort of doubtful, CNQ can reach that high.
cnq 4-4aa
CNQ,APA,APC are the 3 hardest to short sell–I keep winning at shorting them—-

Here’s $4,000 shorting APC , Go look for yourself.

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  1. I'm out of CNQ shorts, will re-enter at 80

  2. pre-market news
    Retailers report upbeat same-store sales results abd
    continue to drive the consumer discretionary sector higher — it is now up 0.6%. While several reported strong monthly same-store sales, Kohl's (KSS 56.88, -0.26), Target (TGT 55.42, +1.41), JC Penney (JCP 31.83, -0.96), and Aeropostale (ARO 30.69, +1.36) went one step further by issuing upside earnings forecasts.

  3. sungsop1 says:

    whare is tenyear?Miss hearing his comments on market.

  4. sungsop1 says:

    Where is Tenyear?Miss hearing his comments on market.

  5. allanm says:

    RTH looking good here as a short eh

  6. darrendong says:

    wow MON reaches 69++

  7. adamantiaf says:

    Long MON JUL 70 calls @ 68.70.

  8. darrendong says:

    dont understand why UNG stock is so violatile…..

  9. evilpossum says:

    CNQ down by another $1+… Too bad I covered my position yesterday.

    Damn, you're good Z..

    I'll definitely let my friends know about you..

  10. evilpossum says:

    Should I start adding NEM now?

  11. Long watchlist, adding KO and K, junk food going down at the same time, imagine that.

    • allanm says:

      any chance you could send out an email with entries/exits, cant watch here all day? maybe a group email to your members? dont know when you are closing stuff out…semi new trader…allan

      • evilpossum says:

        Yes Rex, I agree that it would be good to have a summary of all the positions with entries/exit emailed to us members….

        I nearly missed the 1/2 CNQ exit…

  12. LCC up 28% in after hours–I sure am glad I closed out most of my RCL and CCL shorts today—
    I thought I might get another shot to short RCL at 35, and CCL at 40

  13. TransworldDepravity says:

    zstock what is your take on NFLX as a short candidate?

  14. darrendong says:

    Longed MON, FAS, and DRYS. holding 1 PSA put.

  15. Markets are usually down on Thursday!

  16. LONG NEM 54.17, Looking for above 56 exit, I hope there aren't any dips getting to that 56

  17. NEM will go higher than 56-57, so don't short gold stocks

  18. Gold stocks, are very close to shorting, It looks like I'm going to run out of time, before I get it figured out.

  19. PSA, down on dilution of shares–I'm holding my shorts