CNQ short at 79 or 80

I thought AA, started earnings season–Looks like Wallstreet ( who hates Mainstreet, and vice -versa) has a few surprises in store–They think they can fool me by changing the order of the earnings reports around a little bit! It might work, we’ll see!
earn 4-12
A MON miss on WED, BMO, and there goes ADM,DE,CAT, down too, most likely, which could then trigger other Agri business stocks, MOO to go down, That could spill over into commodities. If MON is up, pre-market WED, then it’s probably market neutral.

Talk about 81-86 against me on this trade–both 81 and 86 are viable Long exits–Just sort of doubtful, CNQ can reach that high.
cnq 4-4aa
CNQ,APA,APC are the 3 hardest to short sell–I keep winning at shorting them—-

Here’s $4,000 shorting APC , Go look for yourself.

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  1. I'm out of CNQ shorts, will re-enter at 80

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