NASI SAR flipped to sell

i will be trying to tell the JBTD dippers in the next couple of weeks, to limit position size and cut back on recency bias….the NASI SAR turned to sell, and that is not to be taken lightly.
Is it possible for the NASI to turn upward, and get a buy sar signal. yes, but that’s not what happened in July.
A trader from the military (high ranking individual) told me about this signal, years and years ago.
nasi sar


PSA 9-15

the commodity sector is getting ready to take off

15 analysts no eps change $KGC, fully supports a double bottom long —-commodity rally is coming—-..the commodity sector is getting ready to take off, and push the spx higher too….seen this many times!
GG,FCX reversal coming soon…
XOM price is in position, to start a commodity rally!


1 or 2% more downside for commodity sector stocks, then some support days, then a commodity rally led up day on the indexes—-in that order is my take—-
ccj 9-9


RIO 9-7 aaa

bdi booms and dooms

21 spx points move = 55 cent move on sds
the SDS sept 5 —24 weekly call, would have kept you busy 24/7, 0.10-0.30, multiple times this week. good for at least a 9 bagger weekly total—or 1 mil, became 9 mil

using barterpanda 7-12-21 range, there’s a way to make both sides of the trade pay out…so —potential is 18X payout per week…i have to admit, the work isn’t easy, though
from BDI
Proud owner of SDS 24.5 DOOMs @8.5 cents for next week………….3 bullets at the close…………keeps it exciting;-)
SDS is approx, 3 cent move per 1 point move on the spx—
you are 60 cent out of the money…diveded by 3 = 20 point spx move—-well within barterpanda’s range, if there is no new high.

2007 close today…add barterpanda’s 7,12,21 pivots—highside resistance 2014,2019, (trend day or 21 points is 2028)
might reach 2014 and go down 12, to 2002….might start monday gapped down at 2000,