Easier to spot the bottom price, now.

I like this chart pattern. UVXY eventually returns to 25, so less volatility, more technical, takes over the trend…
all these stocks, are going to have bullish pressure on them, to make it back up to their previous support levels

UVXY update, Disney 5 month double bottom

UVXY will eventually be 25 again.
chinese falling knife pattern…first up day, does not mean, bottom is in
DIS 1-19

QQQ update

lot of fake-outs on this last falling knife…QQQ gapped down 3%, not very encouraging, for any $QQQ support, 84 aug low, off the table for now, we’ll see.
majority of companies reporting, are knocking the socks off earnings 2 to 10% beats, but its not helping—b/c of low revenue, shrinking margins

QQQ 3 week forecast

AA beat the street. wall street prepares for a deluge of s and p companies to beat the street—EXTREMELY favors the BULLS next 3 weeks—QQQ 114-116, R we there yet, yawn!
if you are a bear, looking for bad news out of china, sorry, ain’t gonna happen—next 3 weeks, it’s all about US earnings …and US corporations will kill any story trying to take away from their earnings spotlight. high stock prices, this is how they get paid, and they will eliminate any bad news at the source, to get paid, so bad news has to get out of their way—good bye china and eu news cycle, next 3 weeks, hello QQQ 114-116
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JPM reports, look for US NEWS cycle to begin—lasts 3 weeks, bullish

chines QE in aug, QE wears out after 6 month’s (aug-jan)—in march EU QE, watch for late feb pullback going into march QE (QE benefits lasts mar-sept)
JAN 14TH JPM reports, look for US NEWS cycle to begin—lasts 3 weeks, bullish

XLF sector is showing signs of a rebound approaching.

Nasi sar has been on BUY, all thru the week of pullback—today it flipped to sell—
this signal was invented as a joint venture between the military and congress—see how that works…j/k, but probably true.
the NYMO slow sto, seems more in synch with the index highs and lows. could be useful all of 2016
WFC 1-8
Jan 14th, , earnings report from JPM, comes out. as much as i would like to see JPM drag the market lower , on that report, it’ s probably only wishful thinking on my part.