nightmare on K St.

the bears, nightmare on K St.,(or what the bears forget to put in their outlook) they can print another $3 trillion, on top of what’s been printed. if they do this before any lapse of confidence in the USD, they can kick the can down the road, one more time…and then, the can truly has the weight to crush them, if it doesn’t have this weight, already
Timing will be everything.
a general rule of thumb to time this crushing can aspect to the USD confidence level collapsing, would be as follows. Watch the vix….if it gets to 25, and then comes down, but within one month, gets to 25 again—-GET OUT of LONGS….Most likely, the asset bubble will be in the first month’s of a major burst. The drawdown, could be upwards of a 50% pullback in the indexes.
The fed ( and or its policies) ,has a history of creating bubbles ( intended or not),that burst.

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8-28 gsk 5.1 oo

Aug. trading is nearly over.

Aug was full of chop, but i did manage to find some good trades, despite the choppiness.
I’ll be glad when the big houses get back from their hampton vacations, and eliminate some of the chop, and increase the trends.
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8-27 aug trades 2014
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VMW, uses many kinds of price channels, over a year time.
i suggest using obvious support prices, with tight stops, to get the correct long entry.
vmw 8-26


MS, if this were strictly a short, based on the eps trend, shorting at 33.5, would have worked…
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ms 8-25

bear market

you’ll know when the bear market is back, if you use this one simple rule—when the vix reads 25,— 2 months in a row—-easy
2 months in a row—-easy peasy…and kind of creepy—see vix 2007-2008

target blank
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EIX, best to tie up some of the account in short sells, with the indexes at new highs— diversify.
EIX 8-20

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