stra 8-18

FOMC (Jackson Hole) Aug 21-23

Each year brings new challenges. This year, it’s how to get more profits (sustainable debt) out of a shrinking labor force, or as the fed says..
2014 “Re-Evaluating Labor Market Dynamics,” Aug. 21-23 (Program available at 6 p.m., MT, Aug. 21)
2013 “Global Dimensions of Unconventional Monetary Policy”
2012 “The Changing Policy Landscape”
2011 “Achieving Maximum Long-Run Growth”
2010 “Macroeconomic Challenges: The Decade Ahead”
2009 “Financial Stability and Macroeconomic Policy”
2008 “Maintaining Stability in a Changing Financial System”
2007 “Housing, Housing Finance, and Monetary Policy”
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the higher odds suggest 8-21 thru 8-23, barters 7,12,21 point ranges on spx, will all be tested, due to jackson hole produces market volatility.


NEM—next year is 63% growth. so they can add in 15% per quarter, to the previous high, the closer to 2015, the market gets. this probably explains why NEM reached 27.40, despite having its eps lowered 8%
—ABCD AB 22-26, CD 24.6-28.6—add more to the short at 28.60
nem 8-14
63% growth—i’d rather go long a stock, with that much expected growth in earnings, than try to short it.
my forecast is—vix = 22 = when in oct. the stimulus is over. but then the vix goes back down, cause there’s always a santa clause rally. we’ll probably have low oil prices near x-mas too, just to insure good xmas sales…


STI 8-11

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Market continues to go down. take long profits quick. There are still a lot of stocks out there, at rsi 50. it may be the markets intention, to rotate out of these stocks as well, down to rsi 30.
i already have many stocks below rsi 25, which indicates, more selling.
The bottom fishers aren’t quite ready to come in, just yet. But, it is a good time to accumulate positions, because there are a lot of picks, that will retest their old highs again.
gsk 8-7