S and p 500, spx, spy 500

(s and p 500) reached 16.62 p/e, on bottoms up eps estimates for 2014 of $119.37 @ 1985
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14.3 p/e is the average, so 16.62 is 16% above normal p/e
16.62 is 16% above normal p/e
did any of you top callers add this figure in—someone must have at the big houses, otherwise the market wouldn’t have climbed this high.
In aggregate, they are calling for 11.7% growth in EPS (s and p 500)
over the next four quarters (Q314 – Q215),
119.37 2014 spy bottoms up eps, times historical p/e of 14.3, gives a 1706.99 figure…
any price above 1706.99, is un-naturally high!

QQQ update

QQQ, sometimes before earnings actually start (july 15-18 or so), they take stocks in the QQQ holdings down to rsi 50, so the QQQ goes to rsi 50 too—
this is my best strongest guess, based on years of observation.
qqq 7-8

Solar power

Watami Co., a restaurant chain in Japan known best as a hangout, is getting into the business of selling solar power —
Flowers in the Dirt 1989 was celebrated due to its musical quality, which earned McCartney his best reviews in years. The album gained number #1 status in the UK.

No More Tears Released on 17 September 1991,


I don’t know if UPW gets into the 82′s, but if it does, that’s a nice dip, to buy into….
Fireworks filmed with a drone


59 is the ideal short entry,

RIO 7-2
other gold stock trades, i recently wrote about. Here are the results.
6-27 bvn +4.5
6-11 gg 4.6


VLO, closing in, on a support level….
vlo 6-30
NEM, is still trying to get to the 26′s, and if it does, that’s a short.