July seasonality

More up days, than down days—which if you were going to get on the phone and try to sell the stock market for new money, then you would want more up days per month than down—
s and p season


rio 6-30


U.S. stocks sell off as Greece flirts with default

“Greece has had a problem for the past five years. If you are selling because of Greece, it’s misguided. Puerto Rico’s debt problem, plunge in China’s stock markets, mediocre economy in the U.S. and a large drop in transports are a lot more worrying,” said Mike Antonelli, equity sales trader at R.W Baird & Co.
6-29 SVXY 002
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Answering emails—
jimmy can you comment on IYT BABA? love to hear you thoughts?
hi jimmy, what’s your time frame on BABA—in less than 3 month’s it should be 95 again…78-81 are the last few lows, look like the entry…
IYT—-grexit—greece and big oil, and chinese coal collapse—equals, can’t get a rally going in that sector—so, it trades sideways
is china going off the grid with solar, it sure seems it could happen, coal is almost not being imported anymore—

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dd 6-25

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Monsanto gives up feeding the people, get ready to die of starvation….Stock crashes

Monsanto gives up, get ready to die of starvation….
This is the conclusion i reach, when i read this excerpt—
Monsanto CEO said:

The challenges facing the world’s food supply continue to evolve. The growing population, along with our volatile and changing climate, place ever-increasing burdens on sustainable global food production. Equipping farmers with the right set of innovations that will help solve tomorrow’s food challenges today requires more than a new company — it requires a new vision and approach.

reported earnings per share (EPS) of $2.39
Thomson Reuters consensus estimates for EPS of $2.07

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