ETR, most likely entry exits

ETR, dividend approaching 5%
FE too—
etr 3-2

Science Officer Spock

Science Officer Spock , an exotic half-Earthling, half-Vulcan crew member aboard the US Starship Enterprise during its 23rd century galactic odyssey of exploration ‘to boldly go where no man has gone before’.”
RIP 2015
spock 2-27

deflation hits HPQ—Will BOJ come to rescue the stock price…

HPQ…a pretty obvious—just buy the dip trade (high tech sector)—so i guess, just buy the dips, keeps working the rest of the week on other stocks too…
HPQ 2-26
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TDW 2-24

QIHU, bottom is in.

3 good SCI-FY movies posted in comments…..check comments
QIHU 2-22