The Rolling Stones – Beggars Banquet – Street Fighting Man

The boat got so big….
Nobody can turn the boat. They keep trying and trying and trying. It’s just futile, is all.
There’s endless cog after endless cog, and the best one can do, is to keep from falling between the cracks!
and don’t Even get me started with, everybody’s expendable. Redundancy is everywhere.

NEM, strong upgrade. This is not good news for the gold bears….

I’m waiting for NEM to go above 28, before shorting GDX….affirmative.
gold bars 001
NEM 5-1
This is not good news for the gold bears….


whr 4-29
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WYNN eps

WYNN earnings fall, forecasted. if you look for the right stuff
WYNN eps trend from yahoo / factset – favors shorting the earnings
wynn eps 4-29-15
10k to 1/4 million challenge , EIX didn’t quite make 64 just yet….63.2 is the upper bol band exit. will probably have to take profits, and shoot for another op, to buy at 59′s
June 60 call, 2.25 to 3.10, is good enough.
challenge 001

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AAP, similar business to AZO, retail took a hit today…
aap 4-27

EIX, near 100% gain, on the exit

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Edison International is a public utility holding company based in Rosemead, California. Its subsidiaries include Southern California Edison, and un-regulated non-utility business assets Edison Energy.
eix 4-22

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