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SPX 5 day forecast

SPX 5 day , prices of interest….
spx 5-15

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AAPL is in an accumulation channel.

Last month, when I posted the AAPL trade, I should have posted this scenario. Lots of stocks, trade in this same/ similar time-price fashion, time and price wise….it’s probably a computer algo ( How many humans are left, that are actually trading, compared to programmers?)
AAPL 5-12 2016

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Easier to spot the bottom price, now.

I like this chart pattern. UVXY eventually returns to 25, so less volatility, more technical, takes over the trend…
all these stocks, are going to have bullish pressure on them, to make it back up to their previous support levels

UVXY update, Disney 5 month double bottom

UVXY will eventually be 25 again.
chinese falling knife pattern…first up day, does not mean, bottom is in
DIS 1-19