EIX, near 100% gain, on the exit

If you have a $couple of hundred bucks and want to turn it into $400…you better get on board!
Edison International is a public utility holding company based in Rosemead, California. Its subsidiaries include Southern California Edison, and un-regulated non-utility business assets Edison Energy.
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BBOX—it’s right at bottom fishing prices, which suggests the major averages will continue to trade sideways, to higher.
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after 1.5 years, I have BDI’s trading method DOWN PAT, using my current stocks, except i eliminated the risk—ADD a ZERO, to the account balance, if you will…been there, done that, took a little bit over 6 month’s.
ANYWAY here’s KLAC….it doesn’t quite meet the qualifications to be a BDI type trade—@xx.xx price— it does…
KLAC 4-17
Hey Z! who’s BDI….he is well on his way to 3,000% returns,imo, if he can just eliminate some of his risky trades….if he would just go long, instead of short… more often…but he won’t listen to me.
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NBL, no growth, yet price grows. this is unsustainable.

NBL, no matter how high this actually gets, it does not change the exit….
knowing the exit in advance of the trade, allows me to trade with super confidence—-
if i buy 2month’s out option strikes, i have 2 month’s to get my exit—very do-able
the way this market is currently, it can barely sustain a trend for more than 6 weeks—
this type of trade, is why, e-Zstock7 is easily / handily in the top ten for picking the next stock to trade….bookmark me, if you haven’t already done so…
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S and P 500 Q1 forecast

S and P 500 Q1 forecast…e-Zstock7
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