GSK 7-30


$T black top candle…3 to 8 days out, price higher than todays high…black top candle rule…


DHI missed by 35%. what other housing corporations reported…did they miss by 35%….is this 35% miss going to happen 2 times in a row….
is DHI the first sign, of another recession?
BZH 7-31
RYL 7-31
KBH may report bt by 35%
LEN may report bt by 19%

AMZN 2015 eps lowered 35% , after its earnings report.
2014 full year eps lowered to 10cent.


C, 50% growth—if the double top isn’t the signal to short, then 52-53…that’s what 50% growth does to stock price…one high, next to the next high.
c 7-23

Very good trading method…

some folks draw their lines with a crayon…i draw my lines…IN THE SAND with a Bulldozer…my lines are true or false—there’s no in between.
Z will find the worst looking chart possible and slap a buy on it.
7-15 rgld 4.9
7-22 wtw 6.3


CNX, they are getting ready, to rotate into energy, and rotate out of some other sector…
cnx 7-21

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