fcx 9-22

2007 – 2008 recap..

Derivative Application – Maximize Profit

the rumor is….some firm did just this, based on an MIT derivitives model in 2007, and through derivatives trading, ended up with all the worlds money…
There are many HFT and derivatives computer trading programs in the field today, I suppose it’s possible , one of them could have generated, 10′s of 1000′s of percent profit, continuously, until the program, had captured all the world’s money.


gdx 9-19
next years gold stocks eps, indicates Higher highs in 2015, we are almost to 2015…so that’s also help for the 22 support, too!

Audit the Fed, passes house.

SPRINGFIELD, Virginia – After a nationwide grassroots campaign led by Campaign for Liberty, the U.S. House of Representatives passed H.R. 24, ‘Audit the Fed,’ by a vote of 333-92 today. This marks the second time the U.S. House has passed ‘Audit the Fed’ as a standalone bill, after H.R. 459, introduced by Congressman Ron Paul, passed the House in 2012.

“I am pleased to see the House of Representatives once again pass this historic legislation,” said Campaign for Liberty Chairman Ron Paul. “The support ‘Audit the Fed’ has received over the past few years has been tremendous. I urge Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to listen to the American people and hold a vote on ‘Audit the Fed’ right away.”
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NASI SAR flipped to sell

i will be trying to tell the JBTD dippers in the next couple of weeks, to limit position size and cut back on recency bias….the NASI SAR turned to sell, and that is not to be taken lightly.
Is it possible for the NASI to turn upward, and get a buy sar signal. yes, but that’s not what happened in July.
A trader from the military (high ranking individual) told me about this signal, years and years ago.
nasi sar


PSA 9-15